About Crystal


Crystal Cook  is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher and Clinical Nutritionist based in Hawthorn, Melbourne. She is passionate about optimum vitality by incorporating yoga with vegetarian, plant-based nutrition.

Crystal’s yoga journey began in 2011 when she moved to Melbourne from NSW. Surfing and keeping an active healthy body has always been a natural lifestyle for Crystal who has also worked as a personal trainer.  Her true passions of nourishing whole foods and yoga changed her overall physical & mental wellbeing.                         In 2015, Crystal completed her Bachelor of Health Science degree at Endeavour College and also completed her yoga teacher training in Bali at ‘The Practice’ with Octavio Salvado and regularly returns there to build and deepen her yoga practice.

Vinyasa flow provides vitality to the body. Asana postures strengthen and lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and nourish internal organs whilst also steadying the mind with rest and meditation.

Crystal’s classes will leave you feeling revitalised, focused, grounded and enlightened in your mind, body and soul!

Join in this affirming practice with Crystal and feel the benefits for yourself!

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